Avatar Software AB

Avatar Software provides consulting services and software in Web Services and Cloud Computing.

We offer expertise in knowledge representation, data modelling and database design. We have a solid background in data analysis in biotechnology, biomedicine and systems biology.

Our solutions are based on Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Python and other technologies.

Flownode Flownode A Web-Based Workflow and Resource Management System, designed according to RESTful principles.
GO/wr A web interface to the GO (Gene Ontology) database, and a RESTful web service for programmatic access.
HGNC/wr A web interface to the HGNC (HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee) database, and a RESTful web service for programmatic access.
xref/wr A cross-reference web redirection service, primarily for bioinformatics databases. Give the xref as 'xdb:xkey', and your browser will be redirected to the appropriate external web page. A simple alternative to LSID and PURL.
ROA Resource-Oriented Architecture: a RESTful web services style used for the */wr resources on this website.
MolScript MolScript A program to produce both schematic and detailed plots of biomolecular 3D structures.
Python Python Various packages, modules, utilities, and presentations.
lecture Lectures On bioinformatics, systems biology and computing.
links Links External websites for computing, software, biotech, and other stuff.

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